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What do I need to know?

First, you need to know your login and your password. Your login is your Portal ID.

  • Students - Students can find their Portal ID in Contacts tab in portal.
  • Employees - Employees will get their login from their computer network administrator.

Initial e-mail password for students is their birth code (without slash or dash). You can change your password in Portal in Edit my profile tab. If you change your portal password, your e-mail password will be changed automaticallyǃ

E-mail access

Students can access their university e-mail through following webpageː outlook.com/upol.cz. Employees access their e-mail through owa.upol.cz.

  • Loginː PortalID@upol.cz - Students login will look like: 20021111@upol.cz, dvorak04@upol.cz. Students can find their Portal ID in Portal tab Contacts. Employees user ID is the same as their Portal login: např. kocickov@upol.cz. Employees should find their login details from the computer network administrators.
  • Passwordː portal password (if you have not changed you e-mail password yet)

Each user will have to set up language and time zone of the e-mail app (+1 hour Prague, Budapest, Bratislava) when logging in for the first time. Other setup is not necessary for common user, outgoing e-mail adress is already set up, you can use your e-mail for sending and receiving messages.

Student e-mail address

Each first year student will receive an automatically generated e-mail adress. You can find your e-mail address in Contacts tab in portal when student affairs deparment registers new student in STAGu. The mailbox is created in September, at latest during the first week of studies.

Your e-mail address form is derived from your name and surname, you will be given an order number (e.g. name Jana Novotna occurs four times at UP). Therefore, a student called Karel Malina will receive an official e-mail address karel.malina01@upol.cz.



I can't login to my e-mail, I am sure I put in all the details correctly.

If you cannot login for a longer period of time, login to portal, change your e-mail password and try to login again using new password.

I forgot my portal and e-mail password. What should I do?

We have to reset your all of your passwords. Contact us at http://www.helpdesk.upol.cz. Or you can contact CVT employee at +420 585 631 842 and ask for a password reset, otherwise you can contact your faculty computer network administrator.

How to set up forwarding messages from my university e-mail to my private e-mail address?

You can enable forwarding at the web e-mail app at https://outlook.com/upol.cz. Set it up in Options -> Show all options -> Forward my e-mails.

Help along with functions overview is available in web e-mail app after login. Furthermore, contact Helpdesk at http://www.helpdesk.upol.cz regarding other e-mail related issues, or contact +420 585 631 842 during office hours (9ː00 - 15ː00).

Setting up an e-mail client

You can access your e-mail account not only through web e-mail app, but also through e-mail clients supporting Exchange protocol (Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail [Windows 8, OSX]). If your client does not support Exchange, you can use IMAP and SMTP secured protocols or Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) for mobile devices. You can access your e-mail from anywhere and you do not have to be part of university network.

Manuals for employees and students differ a bit, therefore they are separated.

Manuals for students

Setting up Outlook 2013 for students

Setting up Mail (Windows 8, 8.1) for students

Setting up Mozilla Thunderbird for students

Setting up Mail (OSX) for students

Setting up Mail (iOS9) for students

Manuals for employees

Setting up Outlook 2010 for employees

Setting up Outlook 2013 for employees

Mail (Windows 8, 8.1) for employees

Setting up Mozilla Thunderbird for employees

Setting up Mail (OSX) for employees

Setting up Mail (iOS9) for employees

Connect using IMAP/SMTP

If you want to access your e-mail using IMAP/SMTP use the following dataː

Account typeː IMAP

Incoming mail server ː outlook.office365.com (studenti), outlook.upol.cz (zaměstnanci)

Outgoing mail server (SMTP)ː smth.office365.com (students), smtp.upol.cz (employees)

Loginː PortalID@upol.cz

Passwordː Your e-mail password

Incoming mail server portː 993

Incoming mail encryptionː SSL

Outgoing mail server portː 587

Outgoing mail encryptionː TSL