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This page is a translated version of the page Pripojeni VPN pro Windows 10 and the translation is 97% complete.

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You can find all the basic, necessary steps, which must be done before you can connect to UP VPN network, at page with all the basic information regarding UP network. Please, continue only after finishing all the steps, or you will be unable to connect to the VPN properly. So, how to we set up the VPN?

Before you set up a VPN connection, make sure that you have set up a password for VPN. Password to VPN or Eduroam is different one than a password to your Portal account. Follow the password change manual here.

Step 1 - Network and sharing center

Open the Control Panel in Start menu, select Network and sharing center. Then choose option Set up a new connection or network.

Vpn win10 en 01.png

Step 2 - Connect to a workplace

When Set up connection or network window opens up choose the Connect to a workplace option.

Vpn win10 en 02.png

Step 3 - VPN

Choose Use my Internet connection (VPN) in the next window.

Vpn win10 en 03.png

Step 4 - Fill in information

Fill in the IP address into the Internet address box.

You can create any Destination name you want, however, we recommend using UPOL or UPOL VPN, because this way you can identify UP VPN network easily.

Now, enable the option Do not connect now (...) as we have to finish setting up network specifications. Click the Next button.

Vpn win10 en 04.png

Step 5 - Properties

It is quite important to make some changes in the settings of the VPN network. First, go to Control panel , then click the Network and Internet folder, where you should find Network Connections. Furthermore, you will find your newly created UP VPN network there. Right-click the VPN network and choose Properties.

Vpn win10 en 05.png

Step 6 - "Security" tab

Check the IP address in the General tab. Then move to the Security tab. Now, set up Data encryption, choose Require encryption option. Next, choose Allow these protocols and enable protocol MS-CHAP v2 in the Authentication option. Then click OK to accept all the changes.

Vpn win10 en 06.png

Step 7 - Connection

Now we've set up everything we need to use the VPN network. You can connect to the VPN network quite easily. Click the wireless connection button, choose the UP VPN network and click the Connect button.

Vpn win10 en 07.png

Step 8 - Network connections

Now choose the UP VPN network and click Connect.

Vpn win10 en 08.png

Step 9 - Logging in

Once the login window comes up, enter your login details - your Portal ID - and your password which you've set up in Portal. Then click Connect and you're connected. (For detailed password setup manual click here.)

Vpn win10 en 09.png

When you are done with all the work necessary, you can click Disconnect in the main bar.