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Palacky University Portal operates under study agenda information system IS/STAG. This system was created and is developed by Information system center at University of West Bohemia. STAG is an information system for study agenda management at Palacky University. It includes a complete student evidence, syllabi, timetables, exam dates, preliminary registration, etc. This system is used by seventeen schools in Czech Republic of which eleven are public colleges and universities, five are private colleges and one is a higher vocational school.

What can I find in Portal?

First, Portal covers the academic agenda, catering, accommodation system, e-learning system, courseware, document management system, applications for employees, etc. Further, it enables single sign-on access to the system. Therefore it allows to search contacts, view employees publication activities, view maps and building plans, and view the academic agenda information.

Information for the first year students

Each student will receive his personal number (STAG login) in two to three days after enrollment to the first year of studies. This number serves as an unique identification code (e.g. F12345). Students can find their STAG login in Contacts tab in Portal. Furthermore, students are required to use their personal number when filling requests and queries to the student services department, or while checking their exam results in STAG (if you are studying more than one field of studies etc.).

How to log in to portal?

Click Log in button on the upper-right corner of the Portal homepage, or in the Log in box on the Portal homepage.

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Password: your password is set by default to your birth code without slashes (if you have not changed the password yet).

If you do not remember your password, ask your faculty network administrator for a password-reset, use the university Helpdesk at http://www.helpdesk.upol.cz, or call +420 585 631 842 during office hours.

Should there be any other difficulties, please, contact your computer network administrator.


I want to log in to Portal, but I don't know my login name. How can I find it?

Students can find their login (Portal ID) in portal in Contacts tab or in Contract to borrow an Identification Card, which every student signs when receiving the ID card at the Computer Center. If you cannot find your name in Contacts and you do not have your Contract to borrow an Identification Card printed out, contact Helpdesk at http://www.helpdesk.upol.cz, or call +420 585 631 842 during office hours.

Employees have to get their (Portal ID) from their computer network administrator, or at extension line 1842 - Mrs. Čeplová. Your user name is also printed on Contract to borrow an Identification Card.

I am going to be signing up to Portal for the first time, what password should I use?

When signing up for the first time, use your birth code without slashes. Portal will ask you to change your password once you're successfully signed in. Your new password should be at least eight characters long and should include at least one letter and one number.

I want to change my Portal password. What should I do?

After signing in to Portal use link in upper right corner Edit my profile. Fill in your current password, new password and confirm the change. Your new password must be at least eight characters long, and must contain at least one number and one letter. Another password change is possible after six minutes.

I forgot my Portal and e-mail password. What should I do?

We have to reset your all your passwords to the initial password - your birth code. Contact us at university Helpdesk http://www.helpdesk.upol.cz (anonymous request - forgotten password). Or you can contact Computer Center employee at +420 585 631 842 and ask for a password reset, otherwise you can contact your faculty computer network administrator.