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This page is a translated version of the page Bezobsluzny tisk SafeQ and the translation is 100% complete.

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SafeQ system enables students to use printers to copy or print in UP libraries. You can print from any computer which has SafeQ client installed (e.g. library computers, classrooms). Unfortunately, printing is limited only to computers using Windows XP and Windows 7, other operating systems are not supported yet.

You can download the SafeQ client to your computer from Portal in Services tab. Installation can take up to few minutes depending on your computer performance.

Start either file Tisk_UP_W7.cmd / Tisk_UP_XP.cmd and the installation will begin soon. SafeQ and SafeQ barevná (colour) printers and SafeQ print port will be installed. SafeQ print point will start on every Windows startup and can be find under Y shaped icon.

In order to print using SafeQ client you have to be connected to the university network and you need to have enough money charged on your ISIC card. You can charge your ISIC card in Central Library counter B or at the other charging places.

Once you start printing, SafeQ client will require your login and password (login is your ISIC card number, password is birth code number). Click the OK button and your file will be sent to the SafeQ server. Put your ISIC card onto the scanner at any library printer in order to print your document. If you want to print in colour, send the file to SafeQ barevná (colour) and go to printer no. 4 in 1st floor in Central Library Zbrojnice.

We highly recommend using Central Library printers only!