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Newly enrolled students will receive access to univesity IS after enrolling to studies and after processing of data by the Study Department. Students who send their application via will find their login (Portal ID) to information systems of Palacký University (STAG, Portal, Moodle, etc.) in the online application form - The Portal ID is displayed after login in online application form in Personal Data tab, section General data. Student's Portal ID is displayed below the university number.

Login to online application form is not the login to information systems of UP (STAG, Portal, etc.). If you've forgot your password to the online application form, use the Forgotten password link on the login page.

Users who received new access to IS will be prompted via e-mail to set up an access password. Student's user name (Portal ID) will be displayed in the online application form and even on page for password setup.


Students who have already studied at UP will see their Portal ID and link to Portal UP in the online application form. If you do not remember your password to IS UP (STAG, Portal, etc.), please, use Helpdesk - - choose anonymous request and choose Forgotten password category.


Users, who did not submit their application electronically via, must be addressed individually with the respective study department.