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Palacký University enables access to electronic information sources to all of UP students and academic employees exclusively for their academic use.

You can access licensed sources especially, which are under contract between UP and sources supplier. Electronic information resources are usually accessible from whole university, however, some of them might be restricted only to some faculties. Furthermore, some sources can be used by a limited number of users at the same time. You can access electronic resources only from computers connected to UP computer network or using VPN (except for Shibboleth resources). You can find all available electronic information resources at ezdroje.upol.cz. Users can access only some of the electronic information resources through the Shibboleth technology. However there is no need to set-up your computer to connect to these sources and you only need to know your login and password, which is your Portal ID and portal password.


Users can access various protected information sources available to UP through the Shibboleth technology easily without any previous computer set up. You can access licensed databases using only your Portal login and password.

How do I recognize Shibboleth resources?

Shibboleth databases are marked by a Shibboleth sign written in brackets (except for Science Direct and Scopus). Databases are available at http://ezdroje.upol.cz.

Shibboleth 01.png

How can I log into Shibboleth databases from home?

Let’s take a look how to sign in the Web Of Science database. Click the Shibboleth sign which is next to the Connect button.

Step 1: Choose Czech academy identify federation eduID.cz and click Go.

Shibboleth 02.png

Step 2: Choose your Home organization – either Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci or Palacký University and click Choose.

Shibboleth 03.png

Step 3: Use your Portal ID login and password to sign in.

Shibboleth 04.png


You can connect in almost the same way to databases under EBSCOhost platform.

Step 1: Select Czech academic identify federation eduID.cz

Shibboleth 05.png

Step 2: Now choose Palacký University

Then use your Portal UP login details to sign in.

Shibboleth 06.png

Science Direct and Scopus

You can access these two databases easily (we will show you how to do it in Scopus database). What differs is that after you visit the database, you have to click upper right corner Login button and choose Go to Athens/Institution login. Then you should use your Portal ID and password to sign in.

Shibboleth 07.png