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This page is a translated version of the page WiFi Eduroam pro Android and the translation is 100% complete.

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You can find all the basic, necessary steps, which must be done before you can connect to UP WiFi network, at page with all the basic information regarding UP network. Please, continue only after finishing all the steps, or you will be unable to connect to the WiFi properly. So, how to we set up the WiFi?

Step 1 - Settings

First, go to the Settings (You can find the settings icon either in your main screen or in the Apps menu).

Wifi android en 01.png

Step 2 - WiFi

Tap the WiFi tab and make sure your WiFi connection is turned on.

Wifi android en 02.png

Step 3 - Choose a network

If eduroam network is available, choose it and tap the Connect button.

Wifi android en 03.png

Step 4 - Add information

Please fill in table with EAP Method and Phase 2 authentication as shown in the following picture. Once this is done, swipe down and proceed to the next step.

Wifi android en 04.png

Step 5 - Add login details

Enter your login details, your login is your Portal ID in format and password which you've set up in the Portal.

Student's login will look like:, Students who entered the university in adacemic year 2018/2019 will find their Portal ID in their online application form. Students can find it after in their Portal profile after logging in. If you forgot your Portal ID, please, contact Helpdesk at - select Anonymous Request and choose Forgotten Login category. Employee's user ID is the same as their Portal login: e.g. Employees should find their login details from the computer network administrators. (For detailed password setup manual click here.)

Then tap the Connect button. You are now logged in the eduroam network.

Some newer Android systems require to Use system certificates option in Certificate CA and Domain

Wifi android en 05.png
Notice: Your eduroam login is not your e-mail address.

What should I do if I have trouble connecting to the internet?

Should there be more issues, please, contact your computer network administrator.

name phone e-mail faculty
Mgr. Eva Slavíčková 585 637 300 CMToF
Aleš Pop 585 632 957 FoM
Medard Kuřimský 585 633 049 FoA
Ing. Adéla Mayerová 585 634 055 FoS
Ing. Ivana Weberová 585 631 793 FoE
Ing. Pavel Brázda 585 636 040 FoPC
Mgr. Petr Suta 585 637 553 FoL
Martin Fasner 585 632 813 FoHS