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Computer network administrators are responsible for individual parts of university computer network and they ensure that the network works properly. Each part of university network (e.g. faculty) is assigned to a network administrator, who ensure that computers, systems, programs, operation systems and network services are working properly. There are more network administrators at the larger faculties because faculty buildings are spread all across the Olomouc city.

Our network administrators take care of technical condition of computers and other connected devices. They ensure that damaged computers or computer accessories such as keyboards etc. are repaired.

Also, they know every detail regarding the network as well as whereabouts of all the cables, network sockets, Wi-Fi transmitters and other devices. Network administrators design changes of positioning and amount of network sockets based on user demand. Repairs of the network or network access changes are carried out in cooperation with Computer Center network department.

Furthermore, they administer accounts of network users, provide user access rights, and give information regarding e-mails login details in cooperation with network department of the Computer Center. If there is coincidence of names network administrators should suggest appropriate solution to the problem.

At last, along with network administration services our computer network administrators provide consultation regarding purchase of information technologies from grants resources. Most importantly, they do not install illegal software, fix home computers, install games and they will not help university students or employees search for music or films.

CMFoT Mgr.Eva Slavíčková}*

Landline: 585637300

Cellphone: 720310417   
 FoPC Ing. Pavel Brázda *

Landline: 585636040

Cellphone: 739249059  
 FoA Medard Kuřímský *

Landline: 585633049

Marek Smékal
Landline: 585633040
Aleš Vánský
Landline: 585633059
Miroslav Lupečka
Landline: 585633047
Ing. Ivana Weberová *

Landline: 585631793

Cellphone: 605377256  
Ing. Jiří Štencl Landline: 585635040

Jesuit College (Art Center/Konvikt) –

- FoE department

Mgr. Eva Slavíčková

Landline: 585637300

Cellphone: 720310417 Biology department (Purkrabská street)
 FoS Ing. Adéla Mayerová *

Landline: 585634055

Cellphone: 739249055 Envelopa
Mgr. Jan Klapal 

Landline: 585634969

Cellphone: 608 036 513 Holice
 FoM Aleš Pop *

Landline: 585632957

Cellphone: 739249057
Tomáš Kopečný, DiS Landline: 585632958  
FoHS Martin Fasner *

Landline: 585632810  
 FoL Mgr. Petr Šuta *

Landline: 585637553

Cellphone: 739249053  

  • Network administrators, who are responsible, among other duties, for student account management (for the corresponding faculty), and they eventually provide consultations to students .

Computer network administrators of university facilities and services

Jakub Menšík

Landline: 585631825  }

Cellphone: 739249058

Rector's offices

Jakub Menšík

tel: 58563 1825


Central Library,

Conference services,

AVC, CDV (Armoury),

British centre





Mgr. Petr Jančík 

Landline: 585631761


Ing. Petr Jasný

Landline: 585638009

SKM - employee network administrators

Mgr. Leoš Jurásek 

Landline: 585638024

KOLEJNET student network administrators

Cellphone: 733690736

Office hours at

KOLEJE - student network administrators (all dormitories except Vančurova and Chválkovice)

Preferably contact your network administrators at respective faculties. Computer Center UP Helplineː 585631842, Monday-Friday 8ː30 - 15ː30 (except for Kolejnet problems). UP network service outside working hours of faculty administrators and outside Helpline hoursː cellphoneː 602376365 (except for Kolejnet problems).