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Toto je přeložená verze stránky Mail (OSX) pro studenty, překlad je hotový z 100 %.

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If you're using OS X and you want to have an easy access to your university mail, you can use the pre-installed Mail app.

Step 1 - Add an account

First, launch the Mail app from your Launchpad (or Dock) and click the Mail tab and choose Add account option.

Mail osx en 01.png

Step 2 - Account type

In order to connect to our mail servers you have to use the Exchange protocol, which will set almost everything for you.Therefore, choose the Exchange account.

Mail osx en 02.png

Step 3 - Enter information

Fill in your name, e-mail address and password you set up in Portal. Your e-mail adress is When you click Continue the app will fail to search for a server address. That's alright. Click the Continue button.

Mail osx stud en 03.png

Step 4 - Account setting

Let's move on to few changes in the account setup. Enter your Portal ID to the User box, then enter your password, and enter to the Server address box. Then click the Continue button.

Mail osx stud en 04.png

Step 5 - Account overview

Your Mail app will show you the basic information overview. Click Continue if everything is correct. If you made a mistake somewhere, click the Back button.

Mail osx stud en 05.png

Step 6 - Synchronization

Once you've finished the setup, you can choose apps to sychchronize your e-mail with. When you're done, click Continue to exit the setup. Now you can start using your e-mail client.

Mail osx stud en 06.png